Friday, January 27, 2017

132. Kate Bush - The Sensual World

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This work is pure  creativity without explanations.  I couldn't fully describe it,  what comes to mind first is the
amount of experimentation that went with the work, but a great album cover really makes for a great tweak.
I am aware  that any  attempt  to analyze  the work  might not come  without an  analysis  of my own psyche.

It would be introspection.  And much  in the same way  as the rose seems  to float  in the air, I would bare my
soul and speak my mind out and tell myself, "I can't explain it!"

The rose will not float in the air until you let go of it. This is the real world.

Photography by John Carder Bush. Album produced by Kate Bush.
EMI (all except US), Columbia (US) 1989.

What's always been remarkable about Kate Bush has been the ability to withdraw from the music world, escape
from the  machine,  and return  months  or years later with  something  rejuvenating,  original,  set apart from
chart-fodder  disposable pop.  Like  David Bowie in the 70s,  Bush in the 80s  has been one of the  true oddities,
exceptions to the rules. Always out of step, always unique.

And always,  as The Sensual World  implies,  provocative.  Bells ring  as you  enter her  'Sensual World',  bells of
celebration,  of sensual joy.  "The communication of music is very much like making love," she once said, so it's
entirely appropriate  that she should derive  her title track from  James Joyce's Ulysses and,  in particular, Molly
Bloom's thoughts on sex, sensuality and oysters at 2/6 per dozen.

"Because I couldn't  get permission to use a piece of Joyce  it gradually turned into the songs about Molly Bloom
the character  stepping  out  of the book,  into  the  real world  and  the  impressions  of sensuality,"  says Kate,
softly, almost childlike.  "Rather than being in this two dimensional world,  she's free, let loose to touch things,
feel the ground under her feet, the sunsets, just how incredibly sensual a world it is. 
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