Sunday, March 26, 2017

135. Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty

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The title for the  album was allegedly  inspired by the receptionist of their NY based publicity firm  Nasty Little Man
who would answer the phone with the greeting "Hello Nasty".

The art cover depicts all three members (Horovitz, Yauch and Diamond from left to right) wrapped in an aluminium
sardine tin and getting baked in the sun. The band makes a reference to this in the song "Body Movin'," in which the
lyrics goes, "MCA, where have you been? Packed like sardines in a tin." wikipedia

Here's the original album cover art design.

No. 732, The Virgin All-Time Album Top 1000

Cover design by Bill McMullen, art direction by Cey Adams,
photography by Michael Lavine, album produced by Beastie Boys and
Mario Caldato, Jr. Capitol 1998.

Hello Nasty received mostly positive reviews upon release.  Caroline Sullivan,  writing for The Guardian,  named the
album the "Pop CD of the Week"  and stated that it  "fills a gap created by the current profusion of serious rock bands
like Radiohead;  elbowing its way up front, [and letting] rip with adolescent vigour."  She went on to summarize the
record as "the perfect party soundtrack by the perfect party band."

Although AllMusic's  Stephen Thomas Erlewine  felt that the album's ending was  "a little anticlimactic",  he also saw
Hello Nasty  as a progressive  step forward from the group's  1992 LP  Check Your Head,  and praised the input of the
group's  new  recruit,  Mixmaster  Mike;  "Hiring DJ  Mixmaster  Mike  turned  out  to be a  masterstroke;  he and the
Beasties created a sound that strongly recalls the spare electronic funk of the early '80s, but spiked with the samples
and post-modern absurdist wit that have become their trademarks." wikipedia

(A) Super Disco Breakin' - The Move - Remote Control - Song For the Man - Just a Test - Body Movin'

(B) Intergalactic - Sneakin' Out the Hospital - Putting Shame in Your Game - Flowin' Prose - And Me - Three MC's and One DJ

(C) The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin') - Song For Junior - I Don't Know - The Negotiation Limerick File - Electrify

(D) Picture This - Unite - Dedication - Dr. Lee, PhD - Instant Death

"Intergalactic" live from BeastieBoysVEVO on YouTube.